Scott Kolins is an American artist and writer.

Having studied at the Joe Kubert School, he cites Barry Windsor-Smith, Michael Golden, Jack Kirby, Mike Mignola, and Frank Miller as his main influences.

Having a resume that spans over 618 issues, he is one of those creators who worked on more titles than we have space to do justice.

At Marvel, he has worked on Omega Flight, Marvel Comics Presents, The New Invaders, Excalibur and Ultimate Fantastic Four, to name but a few.

Over at DC Comics, his skillset has graced the pages of many top titles, of which a small sample would be JSA, Justice League, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Blue Beetle.

Outside of the big two, some other books he has worked on include Prime for Malibu, Past Aways for Dark Horse Comics, Deathblow for Image and Bloodshot for Valiant.

ECC are delighted to have Scott join us, where we are sure his sketch list will fill up in a...Flash!

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