Ramon Rosanas is an artist who has produced work for clients the world over, but for obvious reasons, we are more interested in his comic book work.

We first became aware of his work around the early 90's, when he inked a story in Motormouth & Killpower #12, which featured Deaths Head II. This was part of Marvel UK's line up at the time, which also featured titles such as Codename: Genetix and Knights of Pendragon.

However, I think it would be safe to say that he is more of a household name with fans these days, having undertaken the art duties on titles such as Ant-Man, The Astonishing Ant-Man, All-New Wolverine, Night of the Living Deadpool, The Age of the Sentry and The Mighty Captain Marvel, Spider-Man 1602 and Atlas.

Currently, Rosanas is working on Iron Hammer, which is part of the Infinity Warps miniseries, which mashes up people's favourite heroes.

ECC are looking forward to having Ramon join us, where we are sure he will instantly become become a fan favouite.

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