With an illustrious career which has seen him produce work for DC, Marvel, Vertigo and Wildstorm, Phil Jimenez has certainly made his mark in the comics world.

Starting at DC Comics, he worked on various Titans books, enjoyed a successful run on Wonder Woman, and worked on Infinite Crisis alongside Geoff Johns and George Perez.

Here he also produced work for Vertigo, such as Swamp Thing, The Invisibles and his own creator-owned series, Otherworld.

His time at Marvel saw him sign an exclusive contract, where he worked on not only The Amazing Spider-Man, but also Astonishing X-Men, X-Men: Liberators and Angela, Asgard's Assassin.

During his time on Amazing Spider-Man, he co-created a number of characters, including the Freak and Anna Kravinoff, while also drawing the cover to Amazing Spider-Man #583, which featured Barack Obama.

After Marvel, he returned to DC Comics, working on Adventure Comics, Fairest (Vertigo), and is currently the writer/penciler on the new Superwoman title as part of DC Rebirth.

ECC are delighted Phil is attending, and look forward to hearing more about his teaching at the School of Visual Arts.

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