Pat Oliffe is an artist with a seriously impressive CV, that includes a massive 77 issue run on Spider-Girl, which if we're not mistaken, is still Marvel's longest running female led book.

Actually, Spider-Girl is not the only Spidey title he has worked on, having made notable contributions to Untold Tales of Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Girl, Scarlet Spider and Peter Parker.

Other work of interest for Marvel includes titles such as The Mighty Thor, Nomad, Thor CORPS, Sensational She-Hulk and Warlock and the Infinity Watch.

While at DC, Pat enjoyed time on many titles which include Atom, 52, Catwoman, and one of our personal all-time favourites Booster Gold. Actually, Pat is currently the regular artist on Scooby Apocalypse, DC's re-imagining of the whole Scooby-Doo franchise.

Outside of Marvel and DC, he has also enjoyed success with other publishers such as Dark Horse, Moonstone and Aftershock.

ECC are delighted that Pat is attending, and among other things, we look forward to chatting to him about his work on Rough Riders, a book where Roosevelt gathers his own team of legends.

Any guest may cancel at any time due to a personal or professional conflict.

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