The spectacular art of Matthew Clark has graced the pages of many popular books, including some major contributions to top titles from Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and Valiant.

For DC, Matt's work can be found in Wonder Woman REBIRTH, which incidentally, was not his first time working on a Wonder Woman title. Alongside writer Erik Luke, Matt had previously taken care of art duties for everyone's favourite Amazonian Princess.

Other titles he has worked on for DC include some extensive runs on Doom Patrol, The Outsiders and The Adventures of Superman. Actually, Matt also contributed artwork to Grant Morrison's Final Crisis to help out fellow artist J.G Jones.

At Marvel he has worked on books for The Inhumans, Ghost Rider, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Punisher. All of which are currently enjoying much onscreen success.

ECC are delighted that Matt is attending, and among other things, we look forward to finding out his opinion on the onscreen representations of the many characters he has had the good fortune of working on.

Any guest may cancel at any time due to a personal or professional conflict.

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