Scott Harwood (Karadryel) is a creator, artist and cosplayer from Central Scotland. 

Although he has costumed for as long as he can remember, it has been over the last five years where he's taken more of a concerned interest in the cosplay scene as a whole.

Within this time, he has created many costumes and handheld props, hosted and judged a number of competitions, and organised events.

His costume builds range from hard armour to soft fabric and textiles, and are all made to be as authentic as possible, while at the same time remaining safe for walking the convention floor.

Additionally, Scott is an active member of the Rebel Legion, who take an active role in supporting local charities while representing the Star Wars contingent.

ECC can't wait for Scott to join us in 2019, where we'll get to find out just exactly what type of cake fuels him.

Any guest may cancel at any time due to a personal or professional conflict.

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