Joshua Seth is the voice of some of the world's most popular anime characters, having appeared in over 65 animated TV series and movies.

Millions of Digimon fans will know him as Tai, the leader of the Digimon from both Digimon: The Movie and the hugely successful TV series on the Fox network.

In Dual Masters on the Cartoon Network, he was the starring voice of Shobu, a ten year old boy who wants to follow in his father's footsteps to become the best dual master in the world.

Other animated roles include Joe Shimamura in Cyborg Soldier 009, Young Knives in Trigun, Spencer in the hit show Toyko Pig, Hige in Wolf's Rain and Elk in Arc the Lad.

However, he is perhaps best known to adult fans of animation as the villanious voice of Tetsuo from Akira, the seminal animation based on the manga which pretty much changed the world.

ECC can't wait for Joshua to join us in 2019, where we can witness our team look into his eyes, straight into his eyes, and not around his eyes....

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