Joshua Herdman started acting at the age of seven, and is perhaps best know for his portrayal of Gregory Goyle in all of the Harry Potter movies.

From Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, right up to Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2, we have witnessed Joshua grow up in front of our own eyes.

Other productions which Joshua has appeared in include Thunderpants, Piggy, Giantland and Robin Hood.

Presently, while still pursuing an acting career, he is also enjoying a somewhat successful career in MMA, which began in April 2016 with a win over Janusz Walachowski.

ECC are delighted to be joined by Joshua, and are curious to find out if he has had many offers to mix his love of film and MMA...perhaps as a future Bond?

Any guest may cancel at any time due to a personal or professional conflict.

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