John Lees is a rising new star among comic book writers. His fresh take on genres has received much success, with many of his titles knowing to sell out when he appears at various events.

And Then When Emily was Gone, which he created with the super talented Iain Laurie, is a horror-mystery where the central character is a former detective haunted by visions of monsters, against which he must save a little girl called Emily.

The Standard, is a six-issue mini-series about a retired superhero living off his past reputation who has to once again put on the tights and fly to the rescue.   The series garnered positive reviews from many critics including Comic Book Resources, Comics Anonymous and The Comics Bulletin.  In 2012, at the Scottish Independent Comic Book Awards, John won the Best Writer Award and The Standard was nominated as Best Comic.

Recently, IDW published John's first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles story with art by Nick Pitarra, which we are sure is the first of many, while ComixTribe currently put out his Sink title, which he created alongside Alex Cormack.

ECC is pleased to welcome John and looks forward to hearing about all his future projects!

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