Ian Kennedy was educated in Dundee, and employed by D.C. Thomson & Co as a trainee illustrator after leaving school in 1949.

During the 1950s, Kennedy mainly illustrated war comics such as Thriller Picture Library and Air Ace, until he began to specialise in science fiction comics during the 70s.

He would regularly produce work for IPC's 2000AD and Star Lord, while also working for Battle Picture Weekly, Buddy, Blake's 7, Eagle (Dan Dare), M.A.S.K, Victor Summer Special, Wildcat and D.C. Thomson's pocket books (including Commando).

In 1997, he went into semi-retirement, but still continues to draw covers for Commando, and has held classes for the students on the University of Dundee's comic courses.

ECC are looking forward to Ian attending, and getting his insight into how the British comic scene has changed over the years.


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