Gianluca Gugliotta is a German born comic book artist, who currently resides in Italy, where he has enjoyed his work being on display for Spider-Man's 50th anniversary, at the Museum of the Cartoon of Milan.

Although he has produced work for many international publishers, his most notable work to our attendees will be that which he undertook for the likes of Marvel, DC Comics, IDW and Panini.

His work for Marvel includes titles such as Secret Warriors, X-Campus, Klaws of The Panther and Dark Reign: Mr Negative.

At DC Comics he has enjoyed working on some impressive titles such as Mister Terrific and Lois Lane and the Resistance.

G.I Joe fans will recognise his work from IDW's G.I Joe Opertion Hiss, where Major Bludd had convinced the US Government that G.I. Joe had went rogue.

ECC think it's simply terrific (pun intended) to have Gianluca attend as one of our 2018 guests, and we look forward to chatting to him more about his teaching at the Palermo School of Philosophy.

Any guest may cancel at any time due to a personal or professional conflict.

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