John McShane chairs the Comic Book Men panel featuring Mike Zapcic, Ming Chen and Bryan Johnson. This video is full of hilarity, but those without a sense of humour need not view it, unless of course you want to witness McShane being the quietest he has ever been.


HERO TALK: In conversation with Ian Beattie pt.1

Doug is joined by fellow Hero Talk presenter Ian, but truth be told, they both take a back seat to ECC 2017 guest Ian Beattie.


HERO TALK: In conversation with Ian Beattie pt.2

The second part of the above Q&A session.


John McShane chats with Ken Lashley and Garry Brown, finding out how they broke into comics, what books they first read and what books they've worked on.

HERO TALK: In conversation with Claudia Christian

Going solo this time, Doug from Hero Talk is joined by the always magnificent Claudia Christian.

Let's hope Patricia Tallman put in a good word for him...


Chaired by John McShane, this Game of Thrones panel features Ian Hanmore, Kerry Ingram and Miltos Yerolemou.

HERO TALK: In conversation with Patricia Tallman

Those eejits from Hero Talk are back on the stage, and this time they're talking to superstar actress Patricia Tallman.

The question is, does she understand a single word?


Hailed as the Galaxy's Greatest Comic, 2000AD has been home to many well known creators. These include our mega talented guests Gordon Rennie, Emma Beeby and Tom Foster.


Q&A session with cosplayer Tabitha Lyons, and her dad who runs Artyfakes, one of the most professional prop makers in the industry.


Screenkicker went along to Edinburgh Comic Con 2015, we drank beer, chatted to some folk and generally had a ruddy good time...a ruddy, ruddy good time!

HERO TALK: In conversation with Spencer Wilding

James & Doug from Hero Talk (the 'Night Nurse' of podcasts, which is available on iTunes) make an attenpt at hosting this panel, while chatting to the Meanest Blue Guard in the cosmos.

I think this includes something about his life in the movies and that moment he first met a bloke called 'BOB'.


The Legendary John McShane* chairs our Game of Thrones panel, which features Jospehine Gillan and Pixie Le Knot.

The panel concludes with a short contortion display by Pixie.

*Apparently he has a book out about Robert Burns in Edinburgh you know, which may or may not be available in all good book stores.

HERO TALK: In conversation with Ryan Browne

God Hates Astronauts creator Ryan Browne chats to those eejits from Hero Talk (that podcast thing) about his comic, being a bit bonkers and why Super Mario makes no sense.

Oh, and something to do with a Super Pro...


Once again, John McShane* makes our 2-bit operation look a lot more profesional as he chairs this panel with comic book artists Mike McKone and Peter Nguyen.

*That's the one with the book about Robert Burns, not to be confused with the delightful Mike McShane who is an American that would be the wrong type of comics.


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