From her initial guest spot in the hit TV series Dallas, to her recent portrayal of Captain Ferran in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, it's safe to say that Claudia has had an exciting and varied acting career.

Call of Duty may be her most recent outing within the modern world of cinematic gaming, but she has also appeared in Fallout 4, Darksiders II, Starcraft II and The Elder Scrolls V, to name but a few.

However, like William Shatner will always be best known for Captain Kirk, it's safe to say that Claudia will always be remembered for OWNING the role of Commander Susan Ivanova in the smash hit science fiction franchise, Babylon 5. Indeed, her hard ass take on the character was so entertaining, it is little wonder she became such a fan favourite while progressing from Lieutenant Commander to General.

Doctor Who fans will also know Claudia from the Big Finish Doctor Who audio drama The Reaping, where she plays Janine Foster, mother of Peri Brown.

In addition to her acting, Claudia has also enjoyed a music career, having released a solo album, Once Upon a Time, a single, Taboo, a collaboration with Claudia Cummings, Claudia Squared, and a collaboration with some of the other cast members of Babylon 5 on the album The Be Five.

ECC look forward to having Claudia as a guest, and can't wait to find out about the Sinclair method which she talks about in her book Babylon Confidential.

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