Andrew Lee Potts, usually stylized as Andrew-Lee Potts, is an English actor and director who is perhaps best known for his role as Connor Temple in ITV's Primevil.

In fact, it was a role which he made his own, to the extent of being asked to reprise it for the Canadian spinoff Primevil: New World

Stan Lee fans will also recognise him from his role in Lucky Man, which aired early 2016 on Sky One. In this show, Andrew-Lee portrayed the character of Tim Larson, a gambling addict who was prime suspect in the shooting of Caleb Pursey.

Other roles undertaken by him include the Hatter in SyFy's Alice, Toby in BBC's Strange, Gabriel Hood in NBC's Dracula and Eugene E. Jackson in HBO's Band of Brothers.

In addition to acting, Potts also runs his production company, Keychain Productions. His productions include the Wireless web series and the Through the Anomaly documentary.

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